I am passionate about philanthropy and helping our community.  I am also passionate about helping you do more good.  To that effect I am in the process of completing my Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy. This course will give me an even deeper knowledge of how to help my clients fulfill their philanthropic goals.  

As a company, Kilgour Group Private Wealth Management ensures that all of our events are tied to charitable causes.

An Eagles Tribute Show

The Kilgour Group was honored to be presenting sponsor of Hotel California: An Eagles Tribute Show. This was the second time we have sponsored this event, and a tradition we intend to continue. The sold out show supported a local non-profit organization, Our Children Our Future, where every dollar will go toward feeding under-privileged children in our community.

The 50/50 raffle sold out and the winner received $1500 which was matched by the Kilgour Group. A total of $20,000 went to the Healthy Food for Kids program to feed kids in the Sudbury area.

Check out some of the pictures from the event. It was a fantastic evening, great show, and most importantly, it supported an important cause.

In support of ABCs & Rice

While I have been involved in many charitable events over the years, ABCs and Rice holds a special place in my heart. This charity provides food, education, and medical support to impoverished children and their families in Cambodia. After traveling to Cambodia to volunteer on our honeymoon, I came home and joined the board. Since then, I have been dedicated to helping these beautiful children as much as I can. While I have been involved in many charitable events over the years, ABCs and Rice holds a special place in my heart. 


Watch "The No, Dinner Event", in support of ABCs and RICE


Donation to Our Children, Our Future

This year was hard for the charitable sector, and the year ahead is uncertain. But as we push through this second wave of the pandemic, there is also so much hope on the horizon. From our front line staff running vital services and supports, it’s clearer than ever that the work done is essential. And we could not be able to continue to impact as many families and children without your commitment in supporting our mission to make a difference.
Your kind and meaningful gift of $5000.00 will provide much needed support to children and families who are struggling with financial hardships. Your donation will allow us to fill the needs as they come; whether its food, food programs or supplies for the children.
For example:
We host many food programs in hopes of teaching all ages food handling and safety, cooking on a budget, enhancing their kitchen skills and learning new healthy recipes. One of our most sought after programs - our crockpot kitchens- requires us to supply some families with a crockpot/slow cooker so they can participate and cook in bulk to feed their larger families.
We also receive requests from school principals and teachers requesting our help to purchase running shoes for kids who are not permitted to access the gym without safe footwear. This means not gym class and no after school sports teams without proper shoes. We have helped stock shelves in emergency food lockers at some high priority elementary schools in the last years where teachers can easily access healthy food and provide to the children who come to school with nothing. We have also participated in providing hot lunches (soups and sandwiches / pasta) once a week to these schools.
Your donation will go to supporting any of these programs. The impact of your donation will be felt across the board as it allows us to fill the needs as they come. Some of these programs solely rely on fundraising dollars to support them. With your help, we can continue to make a difference where its needed the most.  
We are incredibly grateful to have your support especially during this most unpredictable time. We thank you for choosing to support children and families in our community. We thank you for helping us help them!


Launch Party in support of our Children's Future

With the launch of Kilgour Group Private Wealth Management, we decided to support Our Children Our Future. The work that Our Children Our Future does to provide support to families and children in need is so incredibly important. Being as fortunate as we are, I think sometimes we forget there are people in our community who cannot afford to clothe and feed their children. As a parent, I cannot even fathom the stress of knowing that I have nothing to feed my children or that they will be cold waiting for the school bus tomorrow. That is why charities, such as Our Children Our Future, are so vital to our community. They provide food and clothes to the most vulnerable of us - children - through their infant food bank and clothing drive programs. I am proud to have been a part of the solution through this great event.  


In support of Alzheimer's

IG Empower Your Tomorrow

As a Canadian company, we believe in giving back in ways that can make real and meaningful differences in communities from coast-to-coast. Our commitment starts with IG Empower Your Tomorrow, a program dedicated to increasing financial confidence of all Canadians.

By using our expertise in financial planning, we deliver foundational financial education and resources to Canadians who need it most. Through this work, we empower Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, seniors and youth to manage their personal finances with confidence. It’s these kinds of positive changes that help create stronger communities and a better future for everyone.